The FOOTWASH UNIT GRAPHITE (height: 1.00m) is an alternative solution to the traditional tall shower. This shower is manufactured in galvanized steel (hot-galvanized) and coated in graphite grey color. This double industrial treatment gives the unit exceptional longevity, unique shock resistance and remarkable protection from corrosion. The footwash unit is also available in all of the colors of the RAL COLOR CHART. With a square 80 mm x 80 mm shape, this is extremely compact and enables you to install it discreetly. This unit is fitted with a water faucet, which can be used as a water source and a hand-held showerhead. The water released by the little showerhead provides an extremely gentle sensation to the skin, like being bathed in lots of refreshing soft foam.
Standard version:
Handshower in anodized aluminium
Contemporary footwash tap with possibility to connect a garden hose
Base 15 x 15 cm
Equipment with a thermostatic faucet
Temporized faucet
Other colors of the RAL chart
Water inflow at the back base or underneath (to be precised at the PO)

Square structure 80 x 80 mm

Handshower in anodized aluminium Footwash equipment
1m00 high
Weight: 10 kg
1// Equipment with a thermostatic faucet
2// Water inflow at the back base
3// Water inflow underneath