Iroko is an exotic wood from Africa which takes on an appealing amber color in the sun.  A beautifully proportioned, highly robust structure, with a 16cm wide façade and 24mm thick wood.  Its 1.00m height makes it a great alternative solution to the traditional tall shower.  It is compact, enabling you to install it discreetly. This unit is fitted with a contemporary 1/4 turn footwash faucet which serves as a water source and hand-held shower head.  The water released by the little shower head provides an extremely gentle sensation to the skin, like being bathed in lots of refreshing soft foam.
Standard version:
Handshower equipment, contemporary footwash equipment and fixing stand for terrace
Optional fittings:
Grating 75 cm x 80 cm
Equipment with a mixer in front

Height: 1m00
Facade: 16 cm large
¼ turn contemporary footwash faucet
Length of the flexible hose: 1m50
Weight: 12 kg
1// Optional mixer
2// View before installation
3// View after installation