The Rectangular shape in Brushed Stainless steel is equipped with a spray nozzle which spreads the water in the form of fog.
An explosion of freshness in 360 ° which will delight children.

The foot wash station, which is 100 mm x 50 mm and 1m00 high takes up little space and enables very discreet installation. This station features two functions: the misting unit, which is operated using the ¼-turn tap, and the hand-held shower equipment, which enables you to shower or simply rinse yourself without getting your hair wet. The water sprayed by the misting unit diffuses the water as a mist and allows several children to enjoy it, while the water from the hand-held shower provides an extremely gentle sensation when it comes into contact with the skin like refreshing foam. Both functions operate independently.
The Foot Wash station is made in brushed stainless steel 316L marine grade
1m00 high
Structure 100 mm x 50 mm
Hand-held shower with automatic stop
Misting unit operated by the ¼ turn tap
Weight 11 kg
1// Misting unit
2// Handshower with automatic stop
3// ¼ turn faucet for the misting unit function