FOOTWASH RIVA WITHOUT MIXER (1m00 high) is an alternative solution to the traditional tall shower. We have chosen to use a high-quality 316L stainless steel for this unit, which is designed to withstand bad weather at sea and prevent any risk of localized corrosion. This unit is rectangular, measuring 100mm x 50mm, and is fitted with a hand-held showerhead and a contemporary ¼ footwash faucet which can be used as a water source for a hose. The water released by the little shower head provides an extremely gentle sensation to the skin, like being bathed in lots of refreshing soft foam.
Version standard :
Hand shower equipment
¼ turn foottap faucet
The shower is delivered with the possibility of making the connection to the rear base, either from below.
The shower is delivered with 4 stainless steel studs (Ø 10 mm, length 96 mm) for stone or concrete terrace floors
Options :
Duckboard 80 x 80 cm
Winter cover
Warm water regulator

Rectangular structure 100 x 50 mm
1m00 high
Weight : 7,8 kg
1// Warm water regulator
2// Connection at the rear base
3// Connection from below