The Delta shower characterises Inga Sempé’s timeless design. Minimalistic lines confer simplicity and purity. In her own words, the shower is “visually light enough not to get in the way of the view”. That is precisely the reason why Delta blends into any setting effortlessly. The shower connects, at its rear, to an ordinary garden hose.
Standard version:
1/4 turn faucet
Showerhead Ø 17,5 cm
Duckboard 90 x 90 cm
The shower must be connected at the rear of the base.
Warm water regulator

Structure Ø 5 cm
Height 235 cm
Width 90 cm
Height between base and ¼ turn faucet : 95 cm
Duckboard 90 x 90 cm
Weight : Shower + Duckboard 37 kg
1// Warm water regulator