For maximum effectiveness, you need to position the shower so the back is facing south. 
The frame uses a pure, clean and elegant graphical design and is made from Iroko wood.   Iroko is an exotic wood from Africa which takes on an appealing amber color in the sun.  Also known as the “aquatic wood”, this provides great water resistance.
At the back, the shower is fitted with a matte-black stainless steel water tank which absorbs heat from the sun.  The thermostatic tap installed at the top of the tank enables you to supply the shower directly with mixed water.  Temperature adjustment is therefore out of the reach of children.  Tank hot water capacity: 17 liters = 42 liters of mixed water.  The floor attachment components are supplied in order to ensure perfect stability (dowel pins for stone and concrete floors, wood screws for wooden terraces).

Shower provided with or without grating.
The grating 75  x 80 cm. lt has to be fitted into the structure after installation. It can therefore be removed at any time without making the structure less stable
Height: 2m07
Front panel width: 17 cm
Width of the sides: 13cm
Grating: 75 x 80 cm

Weight without grating: 26 kg
Weight without grating: 37 kg
1// Thermostatic faucet
2// View of the connection at the back side after installation