For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to orient the shower, the back side South. The frame uses a pure, clean and elegant graphical design and is made from iroko wood.
Shower ECLIPSE IROKO shower is equipped at the back with a matt black thermo-lacquered stainless steel tank that absorbs the heat of the solar radiation. The thermostatic valve installed at the top outlet of the tank allows the shower to be fed directly with mixed water. The temperature setting is out of reach of children. Hot water capacity of the tank 17 liters, or 42 liters of mixed water.
Version standard:
The connection is made at the rear base.
The shower is delivered with 5 studs in stainless steel (Ø 10 mm, length 96 mm) for installation on concrete.
Imperative installation on a concrete slab.
Optional :
Duckboard 75 x 80 cm
Winter cover

Width of the stucture 17 cm x aside 11 cm x height 207 cm
2m07 high
Weight of the structure 16,5 kg
Weight of the tank 13 kg
1// Thermostatic faucet
2// View of the connection at the back side after installation