Winter is an especially harsh time of year for outdoor furniture, especially in sensitive areas such as the seaside and highly exposed gardens.  Spray, foam and traces of atmospheric pollution can all stain your furniture.  D’Un Jardin A L’Autre, in partnership with a French company specializing in boat covers and canopies, has designed a range of custom WINTERING COVERS, specifically designed for Outdoor protection.  Two cover sizes have been developed: a large-format for traditional tall shower units and a small-format for 1.00m Foot-Wash units.

Each cover is adapted to the specific dimensions of each model.

Made from matte white canvas, primer-coated on one side and edged with gray braid, the materials and the colors of these outdoor protection systems are perfectly adjusted.  The clean and elegant design of the “traditional” canvas finish reinforces this sensation of comfort.  Smooth, solid and recyclable, these are resistant to bad weather, UV light and mold.  The covers will help your showers stay in good shape for longer, and come with a 2-year guarantee.  The large-format model is particularly easy to use, thanks to a rod that acts as a guide when you open and close it.
6 models are available, adjusted to each shape:
Cover for Foot-wash units in stainless steel 1m00 high
Cover for Foot-wash unit in Iroko 1m00 high
Cover for showers Inox Square, Inox Round, Pilotis, Quartz, Lotus
Cover for the solar showers Eclipse Inox et Eclipse Iroko
Cover for showers Paname
Cover for shower Tropic