SOLAR KIT UNIT with or without a case
The SOLAR KIT unit is independent of your shower system.  It can be installed next to or away from the shower (install within 15m to avoid losing too much heat).
The SOLAR KIT must be installed in a place exposed to direct sunlight.
The SOLAR KIT is available with or without a case.

The solar kit consists of 50m or 100m reel of  Ø 20mm polyethylene tubing, fitted with a temperature regulation system to combine hot and cold water.  All of the connecting components are supplied and installed.  Connect the system using a 25mm cold water pipe into the solar kit inflow valve.  The kit comes with 2 cold water outflow valves: the first is on the reel, where the water increases in temperature as it absorbs sunlight, and the hot water outflow is connected directly to the cold water inflow on the temperature regulator.  The second cold water outflow is directly connected to the cold water inflow on the temperature regulator.  The regulator adjustment knob lets you mix the hot water from the reel with cold water to release warm water.  The solar kit comes with 1.50m of pipe to connect to your shower.  If the shower is installed further than 1.50m from the kit, you will need to connect the necessary length of piping between the solar kit and the location chosen to install the shower.  Contact our team if you need a specific length of piping.
The solar kit can be placed on a flat or slightly inclined roof, behind a low wall, amongst plants in a sunny spot, or many other locations…

Thermo-lacquered black satin-finish aluminum case – Length 75cm x width 75cm x height 25cm.  The case is not vital for the kit. Its main purpose is to provide discretion.
If you want a case for your solar kit, the reel will be placed inside it with the cold water inflow on one side and the mixed water outflow on the other side.