Handheld showerhead
The showerhead is practical and a joy to use. It is available as an easy-to- attach option for several shower models. The mass of water released by the showerhead provides an extremely gentle sensation on contact with the skin. The kit contains a shower hose, a showerhead, a hook.
Inline mixing valve
The inline mixing valve serves as a mixing valve for all shower models with a 1⁄4-turn tap that do not have a built-in mixing valve.

Installation is straightforward: the inline mixing valve is placed upstream of the shower. It has two inlets for the cold water and hot water supplies and one outlet of mixed hot/cold water to the shower. The temperature is adjusted via the green temperature control button (28-30°).

An antiscald feature is integrated, for peace of mind when children use the shower.
Protective cover
Every cover, in white matt coated canvas, is adapted to the specific dimensions of the model it protects. Covers are smooth, hardwearing, recyclable, and provide excellent resistance to the elements, to UV rays and to mould. It is recommended to unscrew the showerhead before placing the protective cover.

All showers are delivered with a set of 4 dowel pins for anchoring to a stone or concrete floor (except for the free-standing models Niagara and Delta).


All showers as delivered can be connected to a garden hose with standard connections or to fixed plumbing either from below or at the rear of their base (except Solo, Eclipse, Delta, Niagara: connection at the rear of the base only).
Square showerhead
Square showerhead 20×20 cm
Square showerhead 25×25 cm
Round showerhead 15 cm
Round showerhead 20 cm
Round showerhead 30 cm
Duckboard 80×80 cm:
Duckboard 75×80 cm:
Suitable for shower models:
Quartz, Marina, Squadra, Borne Riva, Borne Graphite.
Suitable for shower models:
California, Eclipse solaire.