Zinc is an integral part of our environment.  One of the main benefits of using zinc is its natural protection against corrosion, ensuring that it is long-lasting and durable.  The PANAME PIERRE zinc shower comes with a natural stone color thermo-lacquered finish, giving a finely pigmented black material effect.
(high-temperature firing with powder pigments).  This surface treatment process creates an additional layer of anti-corrosion protection and guarantees protection over the long term.  All of the colors in the RAL color chart are available upon request.
Standard version  :
Equipped with a ¼ turn faucet, standard showerhead  Ø15 cm  and a terrace attachment support.
Optional fittings :
Hot and cold equipment with 2faucets
Equipment with a mixer
Handshower equipment
Standard footwash equipment
Xflat showerhead Ø 15 cm
Xflat showerhead Ø 20 cm
Ultra-flat showerhead Ø 30 cm

Connection at the back base or underneath

Height: 2m20
Vertical structure: 2m20 high , Ø 100 mm
Horizontal structure: 1m00 long, Ø 60 mm
Terrace attachment support: 15 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 17 kg
1// Xflat showerhead Ø 20 cm
2// Footwash equipment
3// Hot and cold equipment 2 faucets