This shower is made from 100mm Northern Pine half logs.  These have been treated in a class 4 autoclave, rendering them resistant to rot.  The entire water supply system is hidden within the shower’s interior.  The PILOTIS shower offers the traditional shower function at a height of 2.20m, a foot-wash tap and a little water faucet to which you can attach a watering hose.  A hand-held shower head is available as an optional extra.
Available in 2 finishes: a NATURELLE or EBENE finish.  Both of these finishes, natural and ebony, bring out the natural texture of the wood and ensure long-lasting protection against UV rays and bad weather.
Standard version  :
Equipped with a ¼ turn faucet, footwash equipment, standard showerhead de Ø 15 cm and terrace attachment support.
Optional fittings :
Handshower equipment
Cylindrical showerhead Ø15 cm
Xflat showerhead  Ø 20 cm
Ultra-flat showerhead Ø 30 cm
Anchor for grass
Grating Ø 70 cm

Connection at the back base only

Total height: 2m 20
Diameter of the structure: 100mm
Terrase attachment support: Ø 110 mm

1// Xflat showerhead Ø 20 cm
2// Footwash equipment
3// Standard showerhead  Ø 15 cm
4// Cylindrical showerhead Ø 15 cm
5// Ebony finish with handshower
6// Inflow connection and base