The shower QUARTZ80 is manufactured in galvanized steel (hot-galvanized) and coated  in a dark slate grey finish. This double industrial treatment gives the unit exceptional longevity, unique shock resistance and remarkable protection from corrosion. All specific colors in the RAL color chart are available upon request.
The minimalist lines characterize this shower of 2m07 high  means it will fit nicely anywhere, without taking up a lot of space. The showerhead diam. 68 mm is directional and its flow in very comfortable and wrapping. Water connection can be done at the back base  with a garden hose or underneath with plumbing fittings.
Standard version :
Graphite grey coated
Directional showerhead Ø 68 mm
¼ turn faucet
Temporized push button
Hot and cold equipment with 2 ¼ turn faucets
Handshower equipment
Foottap equipment
All specific colors in the RAL color chart

Connection at the back base or underneath

Square structure 80 mm x 80 mm
Directional showerhead Ø 68 mm
Height : 2m07
Weight : 18 kg
1// showerhead Ø 68 mm
2// 1/4 turn faucet
3// Hot and cold equipment