An exotic wood from Africa, Iroko takes on a lovely amber color in the sun.  Also known as the “aquatic wood”, this is highly resistant to water.  This shower is available with or without a duckboard.
Standard version:
Equipped with a ¼ turn faucet, standard showerhead Ø 15 cm, without grating.  

Optional fittings :
* Grating Ø 80 cm
* Grating 65 x 75 cm
* Equipment for hot and cold with 2 faucets
* Equipment with a mixer, simple knob
* Equipment with a mixer and diverter
* Handshower equipment
* Footwash equipment
* Xflat showerhead Ø 15 cm
* Xflat showerhead Ø 20 cm

Height of the wooden structure: 1m80
Total height: 2m10
Front panel width: 16,5 cm
Width of the sides: 12 cm