Shower SQUADRA WITH A MIXER is a rectangular brushed stainless steel shower100 mm x 50 mm. Very contemporary, it will charm lovers of pure luxury. The brushed look sublimates the hue and natural reflections of stainless steel. A stainless steel structure offers a magnificent contrast of material with wood or stone and an elegant marriage with the ambiances of contemporary constructions. We have chosen to use 316L type stainless steel, which has the property of resisting marine weather and thus excluding any risk of pitting corrosion.
Standard version :
Equipment with a mixer for hot & cold
Equipment with ¼ turn foottap faucet
The shower is delivered with the possibility of making the connection to the rear base, either from below.
The shower is delivered with 4 stainless steel studs (Ø 10 mm, length 96 mm) for stone or concrete terrace floors.
Duckboard 80 x 80 cm
Winter cover

Rectangular structure 100 x 50 mm
2m20 high
Weight 17 kg
1// Connections at the rear base
2// Connections from below