SQUAREDANCE or the Rain Dance !
An explosion of freshness in 360 ° which wrap the body and will immediately delight children with a great liberty feeling
Equipped with a spray nozzle which spreads the water in the form of fog, the grating of 1m00 x 1m00 is installed in the garden or on the terrace. Keep a free space of  approx. 3 meters all around not to splash windows or outdoor furniture…
The wooden base is made with Iroko, an exotic wood from Africa, Iroko takes on a lovely amber color in the sun.  Also known as the “aquatic wood”, this is highly resistant to water Equipped with a temporized push button, press with the foot the push-button which frees the body of water in 360 ° during 12 in 15 seconds. To start again, press again on the button.
Height : 8 cm
Misting unit in the center of the wooden base
Temporized push button
Weight : 20 kg

For more comfort, install upstream a hot water regulator The upstream installation means you only need to use a single pipe to feed into your shower, supplied with pre-regulated water (28-30°C).
This installation is extremely simple, and protects your children from exposure to uncontrolled hot water.
1// Misting unit
2// Temporized push button
3// Triggering mechanism by pressing with the foot