The characteristic of this shower is its resolutely geometric line. Pure design, refined silhouette, straight forms. In addition to the irreproachable technical quality, its decorative assets make it a piece of furniture that imposes itself and that accompanies the most beautiful contemporary contemporary creations. The shower TROPIC is equipped with a dual function: a ¼ turn tap with square handle to operate the overhead shower and equipment with square hand shower, convenient function for a quick rinse, also useful for children who are at his scope. The shower is equipped with a stainless steel fixing bracket to be fixed on the ground by 4 anchoring points to ensure the structure an excellent stability. The grating 75 cm x 85 cm is embedded in the structure after installation but remains removable.
Standard version:
Equipped with a ¼ turn faucet with a square knob
Equipped with a square hand shower
The shower is delivered with the possibility of making the connection to the rear base, either from below.
The shower is delivered with 4 stainless steel studs (Ø 10 mm, length 96 mm) for stone or concrete terrace floors.
Square showerhead 20 x 20 cm
Square showerehad 25 x 25 cm
Winter cover
Warm water regulator

Rectangular shape width 20 cm x 8 cm aside
2m15 high
Weight of the shower with the duckboard : 42 kg
1// Warm water regulator
2// Connection at the rear base
3// Connection from below